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Justine Vo, D.O., R.Ac.
Biography of Justine Vo

Justine, an osteopath, an acupuncturist, a reflexologist and a dietitian and nutritionist, is known for her magical healing hands, her compassionate heart, and her unique blend of alternative medicine therapies that produces unique treatment, soothing, fast, effective and lasting results for various health conditions. She brings to you high standards and creativity in alternative medicine, together with her passion for continuing education and for your well-being. Her goal is to help you recover from your illnesses, ailments, pain or injuries as fast as she practically can. While many patients with severe conditions have found Justine after having tried various medical and alternative therapies without success, Justine has also helped many patients recover from common acute and chronic health conditions in a short period of time. She helps her patients to understand and undo the causes of their health problems, and teaches them how to maintain the adjustment and correction she has done to avoid any future recurrence. Justine's goal is to help her patients live a pain-free and pill-free life.  



Soothe your pain through the magical hands of Justine…